Mag·ic re·al·ism noun

a literary or artistic genre in which realistic narrative and naturalistic technique are combined with surreal elements of dream or fantasy.”

These paintings are an amalgamation of observational and emotional responses reflecting an inner and outer world. I have realized that in our plastic culture, animals remain authentic; a deep and powerful connection to the mysterious and unknowable. Recently on a trip to the Yucatan, I learned about “Naguals” or guardian animal spirits, common in Mesoamerican folk culture. I realized that the creatures that haappeared in my work since childhood have always been symbolic for me; my own personal spirit animals who are protector, witness, companion and impish muse. I am trying to quiet “the rational editor mind” and instead welcome creatures and any magic into my work. I use a variety of painting mediums, fabrics, and anything that will add a little wonder. Painting in this group range in price from $400 for some small framed gouache’s to $2500 for some of the larger or very detailed pieces.  Some of these pieces might also be found in other categories. My pieces in this category can occur only once – inspired by a unique location, experience or feeling. The most current pieces were done in Sardinia. This link has photos of me painting on site in various locations around the world.