The horse characters, Thunder and Lightning, have been my artistic muse and obsession for OVER 50 years, or since I was about six years old. The horses are all about friendship, adventure, play, curiosity and opposites.

The Etching series of “Thunder and Lightning” is based on a 1965 collections of pen and paper drawings and writings that I did as a child.  It was first recreated as etchings at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. I stuck to the exact way i had drawn the horses as a child, the freedom of line and the quirky story like it was my holy grail,  The series you see here are a group of hand colored solar plate etchings based on the same original drawings but expanded on to form a book “Thunder and Lightning, A Trip to the Clouds”. These hand colored etchings are available matted and in an 11×14 frame for $350 each and are wonderful for children’s room and niche spots anywhere.  Six large Thunder and Lightning paintings (based on the original drawings) are now hanging in Memphis area Children’s Hospitals. If you are interested in the large 40×48 paintings in this series there are still two left. Please inquire.