This is a group of mostly observational drawings of people, with some improvisational characters as well. My aim is to empathetically capture people in candid and vulnerable moments; unmasked and anonymous. I am interested in facial expressions, body language and the humanity of people while they look, listen and contemplate. The cacophony of color and faces to me are the mosaic of emotion and experience that we all bring to “the table”. The table is symbolic of a metaphoric emotional, psychic non-judgmental no-fly zone. A place where we may lay out our proverbial “stuff” and also take in some wisdom from the experience of others. Characters are fictionalized and also based loosely on “real” people culled from my drawing notebooks, and then through many different processes transferred onto canvas. The animals express my creative and spiritual inner energy; a kind of alter ego that have been showing up in my drawings since early childhood. They are witness to the human drama around them, but mostly are there to play. Price range 600-1200.