I consider this work a collaboration through time of my adult artist self and my child artist self. As a child artist I was obsessed with the inner life of cats and horses and their friendships with people.  In children’s art I find uncensored psychological and symbolic meaning. As an adult artist the uninhibited, primitive quality of early age drawings intrigues me for its freedom of color, line and content. I have tried to remain faithful to the loose expressiveness of these quirky characters and to their unedited spirit. I have collaged in the actual drawings from my childhood for some of this work to make new compositions and stories. These works range from $175 for the really smaller works to 1500 (for the big paintings). To see the complete horsey “Thunder and Lightning” series, go to  https://carolbuchman.org/for-the-child-within/thunder-and-lightning-etchings/  There is also child friendly work in “Paintings under 500”, and in “Magic realism and landscapes”.