Midrash Archive and Prints

All these works are available as prints. * Please inquire.  These are works from the Midrash series that are now in private and public collections and mostly

High quality Prints can be made in varriable sizes on watercolor,  luster or gloss papers.

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My paintings began to express contemporary Jewish content in the mid-90’s after moving from NY/Boston where I had grown up, gone to Art School, etc.,  to Memphis,TN the “Buckle of the Bible Belt". In the South I felt a deep need to connect, claim, grapple with and make relevant my eastern european Jewish cultural identity and religion. I felt a responsibility to refer to it whether abstractly or directly in my art.  As a painter, Jewish sources including blessings, meditations and stories have become a vast mine of inspiration for me. I hope to be a visual voice that can resonate with my post-holocaust, post immigrant generation, both secular and/or religious. Many of these paintings and especially those in Midrash Archives,  have been exhibited in NY, California, Boston, Memphis, Jerusalem, etc.