My paintings began to express contemporary Jewish content in the mid-90’s after moving from NY/Boston where I had grown up, gone to Art School, etc.,  to Memphis,TN the “Buckle of the Bible Belt". In the South I felt a deep need to connect, claim, grapple with and make relevant my eastern european Jewish cultural identity and religion. I felt a responsibility to refer to it whether abstractly or directly in my art.  As a painter, Jewish sources including blessings, meditations and stories, have become a vast mine of inspiration for me. I hope to be a visual voice that can resonate with  my post-holocaust, post immigrant generation, both secular and/or religious. Many of these paintings and especially those in Midrash Archives,  have been exhibited in NY, California, Boston, Memphis and other cities. 

To see archived (sold)  midrash paintings, go to http://carolbuchman.org/midrash-prints