Carol Buchman received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and an MFA from Boston University School for the Arts. Her narrative paintings have ranged in subject matter from Jewishly inspired to exotic landscapes and expressive portraits. The mythical and childlike quality in her work appears in all her themes. Her wide painterly vocabulary of bold color, collage materials and mixed painting media layer the work with richness and depth.

Ms. Buchman has been collected and exhibited in museums, synagogues, public and private spaces, schools, and corporate offices including the Tennessee State Museum; E. K. Rudin Gallery in Great Neck, NY; Alvin J. Fine Museum in San Francisco; Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis, GPAC, Memphis, The Buckman Center, Memphis, Perry Nicole Gallery, and Mary Tomas Gallery in Dallas. Ms. Buchman was commissioned to do a portrait for the Women’s Foundation of Memphis in 2014 of one of the Legend award winners. Six of her large “Thunder and Lightning” horse paintings are now hanging in Memphis area children’s hospitals. Ms. Buchman had two pieces in the Jerusalem Biennale 2017. She has been teaching art to young children for almost 25 years. Originally from Roslyn,  Long Island, she has been living in Memphis with her sculptor husband and two cats since 1993.